Friday, 6 June 2008

Enchanting Ely

Still moored at Ely, River Great Ouse

Today has been one of , socialising, shopping and odd jobs. As it was market day, the girls from three of the four boats traipsed off to see what bargains where to be had while Christina caught the train home for a hospital appointment,and the men got stuck into some odd jobs on the boats.

I had kept all the timber from the modifications I have been doing on the boat and I had enough to make 2 bedside units to go on the wall above the existing floor units, all I had to do was measure and cut it. I spoke to the guys in the nearby marina about getting some timber cut and they agreed to do it for me. While I had the boat to myself I set about measuring and marking out the timber and then took it to the boat yard for cutting. Derek on Kalimera also had a piece that he wanted cut to size so he gave me a hand to carry my load up to the yard. It took the carpenter 10 minutes to do what would have taken me hours. All I have to do now is a bit of sanding for the final fit and then assemble the whole thing.

While chatting to Sue and Vic this afternoon Sue bought our attention to a Barn Owl hunting in the field opposite, it was just a pity that we couldn't have got closer. We also have a Canadian Geese nursery close by with 22 goslings and anything from 6 to 12 adults supervising while the remaining adult's just carry on filling their bellies.

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