Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Denver Bound

0 Locks, 13 miles now moored at Windmill Moorings, River Great Ouse

This morning was spent doing little odd jobs inside the boats where nobody could see us because Cambridgeshire County council who administer the Ely moorings don't allow the moorings to be used for maintenance or repairs except under emergency conditions.

After lunch Christina on Nb Kalimera returned from Paignton where she has been since Friday. She had barely got aboard when the ropes were let loose and we were away. We didn't go far to start off with, just to the other end of town where there is water and a pump out facility. As soon as our tanks were empty or full as the case may be, we set off with the intention of getting as close as possible to Denver so that tomorrow will only be a short cruise to make the midday appointment to cross back to the Middle Level.

The crooked house - This photo doesn't show to what extent it is

After a lovely late afternoon cruise in brilliant sunshine we eventually made land at the windmill moorings, Hilgay just before 6pm. We have been told the name windmill comes from an old pub that use to be here but has since been demolished. These long summer evenings keep catching us out as we tend to think that it's earlier than it actually is. Just as an example, it is 10pm as I write this and yet outside it is only just starting to get dark.

The last couple of mornings I have been woken up about 5 am with brilliant sunshine pouring in through the curtains.

Don't these look inviting? Christina's gift to me wasn't what it seemed the lovely 'cakes' turned out to be rock. Dot nearly died laughing as she was in on the joke.

1168 locks, 1668 miles, 41 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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