Sunday, 29 June 2008

Return to market Harborough

10 Locks, 9 Miles and 1 swing bridge. Now Moored at Market Harborough.

The plan for the day was an 8am start as it would only take us about 45 minutes to reach the top of the Foxton flight. This went according to plan and along the way we dumped the remainder of the possibly contaminated water we had picked up at Watford and Stowehill. The problem was that upon arrival at the water points at the top of the flight we found 2 Canaltime boats moored up with all their curtains drawn.We pulled in front and behind these boats and as we went past them, in very clear loud voices let these people know that it was time to get up and MOVE. Luckily our hoses reached our boats but of course we were actually on the lock moorings which caused queuing
boats to wait back around the bend. Once we were all tanked up again with clean fresh water we booked in with the lockie and we entered the top lock around 10.50am.Since we last visited Foxton there has been a lot of work done in the shape of a Bronze horse and boy statue, many informative plaques for the hoards of visiting tourists and a new seating area at the top lock made from timber and bricks from the London canal area.
All in all it is very impressive. 45 minutes later and clear of the locks we then had to deal with the new pedestrian swing bridge across the beginning of the Market Harborough arm. On our last visit the bridge was in place but had not been commissioned as the surrounding area had not been completed. The next swing bridge is still padlocked open after being hit by a vehicle some time ago. The repairs were supposed to have been completed by this week but at this stage they still haven't been started.
One of several bronze plaques with canal history.
Bronze statue of a working horse and boat boy.

As it is a different season of the year to our last visit the scenery along the Arm was just as interesting as our first visit.
As we had suspected moorings at the public 48 hour moorings were at a premium being a fine week-end and there was just one slot available so Kalimera went into the basin proper and moored on the Canaltime pontoons at £5 a night.Later we wandered into town before the shops shut for a few bits and pieces and I wandered off the the End Peg fishing tackle shop for some wire traces, carp hooks and spinners. The proprietor asked if I was likely to be on the Leeds and Liverpool canal in about 3 weeks to which I replied no. It transpires there is a National championship competition being held there on the (don't quote me on this) second or third Saturday in July and there will be 540, yes, 540 anglers so BE WARNED.
They don't want too many boats on the move that day. Any queries contact the End Peg website.
This one is deep. Watch out for the water!
HELP! Who pinched the canal?
We will now spend the rest of the week-end here and carry on moving North on Monday.
1254 locks, 1819 miles, 43 Tunnels, 42 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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