Sunday, 8 June 2008

Little Thetford

Still moored at Little Thetford, River Great Ouse

Today has been showery all day but it wasn't enough to deter Sue, Anne and Dot from going on a long hike to Stretham and back via little Thetford village. In the meantime the men folk carried on with repairs and maintenance. I made a start on the bedside wall unit which the Ely boat yard had cut for me. There were still some minor modifications to made but it went together reasonably well and looks as if it is original. It also cost me a heck of lot less than some quotes I have been given by various boat yards. Once the other unit is finished I can dispose of a lot of timber that we have been storing on the boat to be able to do all the modifications.

The old windmill now a private dwelling in Stretham

Sue, Anne and the girls admiring another interesting home in Little Thetford.


Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

Glad to see you are all enjoying yourselves - I wish I was there too.

Did you know that some of your posts have a little Picassa Icon at the foot of them marked "Posted by Picassa" which has a broken Hyperlink?

Derek and Dot said...

Thanks Paul, having a great time for the weekend before going our separate ways, sorry you cant be here. Thanks for the broken link will check it out.