Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Deltic's and Idiot's

7 locks, 12 Miles Now moored at Norton Junction/Leicester line.

We were under way by 8 am this morning as we had a long haul ahead of us. As we passed Nether Heyford we could see several caravans and tents in the corner of a farmer's paddock. As we got closer we could see people to-ing and fro-ing with shovels and wheelbarrows and it turned out to be an archeological dig as we could see what appeared to be building foundations.

Anyone know what it is all about?

At Weedon we pulled in for water which took quite a long time as the pressure wasn't that good. Along the way we met up with more Kiwi boat's, Tane Mahuta which we have seen several times before but minus the crew, Kotare and Kiwi spelt KI_WI. Christina on Kalimera commented that the UK was being taken over by the Kiwi's. Who better to invade this place.

Kotare (NZ) Maori word for Kingfisher

Tane Mahuta (NZ) Maori word for "Lord of the Forest" (Tane Mahuta)
is a huge Kauri Tree in Waipoua Forest in Northland New Zealand

As we approached the Buckby flight we came parallel with the Motorway or at least I thought it was except I saw a Deltic diesel loco, possible D9000 or D9009 travelling North at a good speed. I had to do a double take to see that it was actually on the back of a low loader transporter. I was beginning to think that the Government had finally seen the light and was scrapping motorways in favour of railways. We can but dream.

We stopped at Whilton marina for a few bits and pieces and had lunch before launching ourselves at the Buckby flight.

Another burn out narrowboat on the Grand Union Canal. Awaiting removal by BW perhaps? Hope no one was hurt, havent heard anything concerning it.

Unfortunately 4 other boats had the same idea so we had to wait third in the queue. We only had the pleasure of 2 separate boats heading south so 5 out of the 7 locks were set against us. As we worked up the 6th lock we were aware of the police surveillance helicopter circling a boat in the pound ahead of us. This boat was a privately owned boat crewed by about 8 teenagers of equal sexes and they were doing everything that was against safe boating practices. Two youth's were hanging off the side of the hull with their legs somewhere in the vicinity of the propeller while it was engaged in gear and moving. In general they were just being absolute idiots. It gave us cold shivers up our spines to think that either of these youths could be seriously hurt or even killed.

Once through the lock we passed this boat as it pulled in to moor up and the youngsters spoke to us and appeared quite oblivious to the danger that they may have put themselves in. We virtually jumped the queue to get into the last lock ahead of these guys but we just wanted to put a safety margin between us and them. At the top lock some BW staff were in the workmen's shed so we informed them of what had taken place and they took it upon themselves to go and talk some sense into these youngsters.

Once clear of the lock we had to go through the junction onto the Leicester line before we could find a mooring for the night.

1235 locks, 1792½ miles, 41 Tunnels, 41 swing bridges and 19 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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