Monday, 1 December 2008

Time out in Great Haywood

Along with a greater proportion of the country we spent yesterday severely fog bound with visibility reduced to several hundred yards. We did manage to get out for a stroll to re-acquaint ourselves with the town.

This morning the fog had lifted but we were blessed by a heavy frost which has since thawed as the sun has finally broken through the cloud cover. With it becoming milder as the day wore on there has been quite a few boat movements, more than we have seen in the last 2 weeks.

Our Internet signal has not been the best here and Dot has been busy trying to put up some piccie's without success. These will be uploaded when internet is more stable. Tomorrow we will continue on our way south but we are in no hurry as we only have 33 miles and 10 locks to do before we reach the stoppages at Atherstone which hopefully will finish on Friday 5th. Once through the Atherstone flight we should make good time to Rugby.

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