Friday, 5 December 2008

Snow, what snow?

Still moored at Rugeley.

Well last night's prediction of snow came true in the North but it didn't seem to extend any further South than the Manchester area so all we got was wind and rain.

We spent last night here all on our own but there have been quite a few arrivals over the course of the day and we are now 1 of 6 boats spending the night here. Majority of the crews went off to Morrison's for supplies as this is the last supermarket for quite some distance.

This afternoon Nb Hector with Rosemary and Paul who we met in Braunston 18 months ago pulled in to replenish their larder before heading north again.  Rosemary showed Dot through their boat and the many improvements they have made since we saw it last,  A quick chat with Michael and Geraldine of the Cheeseboat on their way past heading for Great Hayward before returning to Fradley Junction for christmas.

Tonight's TV news had photo's of Robin's which viewers had sent into the TV station and this reminded me about yesterday when a little Robin landed on the rear cover a mere 2 foot in front of me while I was waiting to enter a lock. He sat there chattering away for a couple of minutes before flying off. They certainly are not shy. Tomorrow we will head towards Fradley Junction on our way south.

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