Thursday, 18 December 2008

Changing face of Rugby

Still moored at Brownsover.

This morning we were up and away bright and early for our six monthly checkup with the doctor. After this necessary chore was completed we wandered into town to see what's been happening since we were last here.

I suppose the biggest change is the old industrial site next to the towpath. When we were here last they had just finished demolition of the old factories etc. and levelling the site. The site has been named Caldicott Manor and the first row of about 20 terraced houses has been completed and occupied. These face towards the Tesco supermarket. Probably due to the current economic situation work seems to have come to a stand still.

This is what the site looked like when we were here last

On our way back to the boat we walked through Caldicott park which is under going a big make over with new seating, kiddies play area and changes to the area around the refreshment cabin. A couple of cheeky squirrels came over to see us so we gave them some nuts that we had with us, not that they appeared to need feeding as they were quite plump and had a healthy sheen on their fur.

Caldicott Park always was attractive

Once back on the main road the first thing to catch our eye was "The Peacock" pub all boarded up and covered with For Sale signs. This grand building could be used for a hotel, B & B or guest house as well as a pub of course. Another thought is that there would be space for several apartments nice and handy to town.

Another site under development was on the A426 between the old Great Central railway arches by the Peugeot dealers new showroom to the retail park along side the canal. An extension of the retail park perhaps? Other than a few empty shops and a half empty Woolworths in town everything else was unchanged.

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