Wednesday, 10 December 2008


2 Locks, 6 Miles. Now moored at Alvecote, Coventry Canal.

We waited until a short shower of rain passed through before untying this morning and heading off to Alvecote. It wasn't too bad a day to be on the move but there was still smatterings of ice around here and there. At Fazely junction we turned onto the Birmingham and Fazely Canal to travel a short distance to Fazely Mill Marina where we understood the price of diesel was only 62p per litre for heating and £1.05 for propulsion. The lady at the marina is a chatty sort of person and it took longer than usual just to take on 54 litre's of diesel,say no more.

Back on the Coventry Canal we found another boat going up through Glascote locks ahead of us. Once they had cleared the second lock they very kindly emptied it for us allowing me to go straight in from the first lock.

1574 locks, 3284 ½ miles, 52 Tunnels, 43 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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