Sunday, 28 December 2008

Done and Dusted for Another Year.

Still moored at Newbold.

After a very pleasant Xmas day with very little activity and plenty of feasting Boxing day saw us out and about walking off some of the extra calories. We walked all the way into town, about 3 miles, as there were no buses running. Our main objective was the "Walkabout" pub because Tracey wanted to watch the Arsenal v Aston Villa game on the big screen and we dined out at the same time.

It was quite strange walking into the pub because behind the bar were 4 Maori's (native Kiwi's) which make us feel as if we were back in New Zealand. We had a chat to them and it turned out that only 1 of them was resident in the UK, she had married a Pom and been here 14 years. The other 3 were whanau (family) but only here on a short working holiday from Christchurch NZ.

Well Tracey wasn't very pleased when Arsenal only managed a 2 all draw against Aston Villa because they needed to win by 2 goals to climb the championship ladder. Ah well better luck next time.

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