Sunday, 7 December 2008

Beautiful Winters Day!

0 Locks and 8 Miles. Now moored at Hopwas, Coventry Canal.

It was too nice a day not to cruise with not a cloud in the sky and quite a bit milder than we have been getting lately. We were 1 of 4 boats that we knew were on the move and 3 of us all finished up at Hopwas, what a coincidence.

Along the way we spotted a bunch of kids enjoying a morning at a pony club putting in some time on riding lessons and the Mum's and Dad's looking on from a distance. I say pony club but one young lady was riding a horse that I felt sure would have been quite at home pulling a barge along a canal, he was a solid looking individual with a broad back.

Close to bridge 80 we found a sunken narrowboat which BW had attached a notice stating that they were aware of it. It was an old boat with what appeared to be a wooden hull and presumably the owner had removed all identification from the boat making it difficult to trace leaving BW with the expense of another mess to clear up.

Just north bridge 80 Coventry Canal

North of Whittington we came across 2 kayakers and as we passed them one followed on in our wake getting a free ride. Probably the most exciting part of his day out.

Great day for kayaking

Once we were moored up it became apparent that the boat in front of us was having trouble getting power to his batteries, it's funny that the cold weather always brings out battery problems because that's about the third boat in as many days we have come across with this problem.

1572 locks, 3277 ½ miles, 52 Tunnels, 43 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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