Thursday, 22 January 2009

1959 or 2009?

Awoke this morning to find ourselves iced in yet again, luckily we are not planning on moving just yet. The last few days have been spent pottering around with medical appointments, collecting mail from the post office and Clifton Cruisers. The latter was a new laptop battery as the old one has died. Just as we arrived at Clifton Cruiser's a courier pulled into the yard behind us and guess what he was delivering? You've got it, our battery so Dot got to sign for it  herself saving Paul the job. Talk about good timing, we couldn't have planned it better.

I have been busy doing some repairs, alterations and varnishing inside the boat to try and keep it up to scratch so when the time comes to sell the boat we will hopefully get a good price. 

It was while I was sitting out in the front cratch cleaning up my painting gear that I heard a jet aircraft approaching but he was flying towards me out of the sun so it wasn't until he had flown overhead that I finally spotted a Venom jet fighter with it's distinctive single engine between its twin tail fins. I used to see them quite regularly as a child living near the De Haviland establishment at Leavesden near Watford. I don't suppose there are too many of them around these days especially in an airworthy condition.


kinglear said...

The British Military jets of that era were fantatsic - The English Electric Lightning was years ahead of its time, as was the Vulcan bomber.
If only Harold Wilson ( The White heat of Technology - yeah right) hadn't cancelled TSR" and Blue Streak.....

Derek and Dot said...

We have been extremely lucky with sightings of so many historic aircraft still in flying condition.