Saturday, 3 January 2009

Cool start to 2009.

0 Locks, 2 Miles. Now back at Brownsover Park.

After 4 cold days at Hillmorton where we finished up getting iced in it was time to head back to Brownsover to meet up with Tracey after her 4 day visit to Dublin. Surprisingly Brownsover had plenty of moorings available considering the amount of boats we had seen pass through Hillmorton over the last few days.

Tracey's arrival back at Rugby has been set back by the tragic aircraft crash near Little Haywood where a light aircraft hit the over head wires and came down between 2 sets of track. The line has been closed for 24 hours to allow air accident inspectors to investigate the scene so Tracey has to take an indirect route to get back to Rugby.

1587 locks, 3324 miles, 53 Tunnels, 43 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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smodriver said...

Hello - glad to see you are enjoying the UK despite our weather!

I noticed your mention of the Morris Oxford you restored - We just wanted to let you know there is a thriving club for this model, with some members in NZ

We would be pleased to know more about the car and help you with any spares you might need?