Saturday, 17 January 2009

Love These Bus Passes!

This morning we headed off into town on the number 3 bus which runs on a figure of eight circuit meaning that regardless of your destination everybody boards the bus on the same side of the road. Even though we were heading into town we started off going in the wrong direction but it was interesting to see another part of Rugby.

Dot put our quilt into the dry cleaners and I visited the nurse for another change of dressing and for her to assess the healing process which is finally showing signs of improvement. It's actually starting to get very itchy which is a good sign.

The bus journey back was of course different to the trip into town so we had to keep our eyes peeled for our stop which we spotted without any problem.

When we called into Clifton Cruisers yesterday Paul told me of a model railway exhibition that is on this week-end out at Barby, a little village just south of here. It's being run at Village Farm Nursery, Onley Lane, Barby and its a fund raiser for some good cause or other.  After some time on the computer visiting Google Earth and Warwickshire county buses I have sorted out that I can get there quite easily from here but I will have to go tomorrow as there is no Sunday bus service. So that's my Saturday sorted out from 10am until 2pm


Jenny and Robin said...

Hope the quilt comes out as good as new.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny
Yes it looks lovely but was fairly expensive at 22 quid.
Take care Dot