Sunday, 11 January 2009

What shall we do?

Well the ice is gradually disappearing but we had another mild frost last night which didn't help. One hire boat has been through today and broken up what new ice has formed but today has been bitterly cold.

We have had a kind offer from Andy on Nb Khayamanzi to deliver some water to us should we need it but hopefully we will be able to move up to the water point in the next day or so. We have about 300 litre's remaining at present which means being frugal and having all over washes in the hand basin we should be OK. It's amazing what you can do when the circumstances require it. I have also fitted a tap to the toilet bowl to better control the water being wasted in the toilet.

While trying to keep warm we have been trawling the Internet to see what short breaks are available because we would like to do a bit of travelling while on this side of the world. Well we have booked a 5 day trip to the Isle of Wight which is not on the canal system and we are tempted by a couple of deals to Malta or Madrid depending on how our finances hold out. I know the latter 2 will be a darn sight warmer than where we are at present.

Unfortunately with New Zealand being so far away from Europe it is very expensive to tour the Mediterranean and Europe from home so we have to take advantage of the situation while we can.


Unknown said...

Hello you two; you will enjoy the Isle Of Wight, we always imagine that we have gone back in time when we go there - whatever you do, try to visit Osborne House, we think that it is one of the nicest in England. You do need to book this time of year, here is the info:
Enjoy the Island, we love it!

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Iain and Myra
Thanks for that yes we will do our best but unsure as to the excursions arranged as we are on an organised tour. Looks great.
Dot and Derek