Friday, 9 January 2009

Ain't going nowhere.

Coldest winter for a decade so they say, well the ice outside the window isn't going anywhere fast so we are just sitting it out until the thaw. We have had another deliver of diesel from Iain and Alison on n/b Gosty Hill so we are OK in that department, our only problem is water which we are being very frugal with at present until we can move. If we are forced to, we can fill 5 litre bottles at the water point which is probably a 15 minute round trip from here but that will only be a last resort.

Last night was quite mild compared to what we have had over the last few days but the weather is not forecast to improve until next week but we have no commitments so we are quite happy just to sit back and take it easy for a while.


Nb Yarwood said...

We are doing likewise iced in here at Kilby Bridge. Time to relax...

Khayamanzi said...

Hi there, if you get stuck and need any water - give me a shout Derek, I can easily pop down in my truck at the weekend and drop some off to you if needs be. I'm not that far from you at Brownsover and it would be no trouble.
Stay warm,
Andy off Khayamanzi

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Lesley
We will have to move for water and a pumpout in the next couple of days hope its not so thick then. In the meantime yes that glass of wine sounds great.
Take care Dot

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Andy
Thanks so much for the kind thought hopefully we will be able to move this weekend if the weather improves and fill up ourselves.

Julia & Mark said...

I did send a reply re your comment via email but not showing in sent mail so at the risk of repeating myself!
Shall get to B&Q next week to see what they have. Anything waterproof will be considered.
I can hear the wind getting up so maybe bringing a thaw, we've not had it as bad as you guys but still v cold!
Hope your leg improves soon.