Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Shame on you Tesco's.

The ice cleared sufficiently on Sunday for us to move up the canal about 500yds to the water point to re fill. While Dot was doing this I walked up to the winding hole to see what the situation was up there. Well it was still virgin ice and from the look of it, inches thick so it would be pointless going up there to try and wind. After the tank had been filled we just reversed back to where we had come from.

Yesterday and today we had appointments with the doctor and nurse so our location was quite handy to catch the bus into town.

While walking across to Boots the chemist I had to cross the river which may be the Avon or a tributary that runs alongside the Tesco's car park. Just before the bridge over the river Tesco's have one of their wheel locking electronic bars and of course people try to take the trolley over it and bang, the wheel locks and the trolley gets abandoned. If the trolley boys don't recover them quick enough the local hoon's take great delight in throwing them over the bridge into the river. When we were here back in June there were about 3 trolleys in the river this time I counted 26 creating quite an effective dam. Tesco's seem to ignore this continuous loss of their trolleys which is mind boggling as I know that each of those trolleys would cost up to about £300 each to replace depending on size. Just as well they are not in the canal. When are Tesco's going to wake up and change to the pound coin in the slot model trolley's used by their competitors as customers are less likely to abandon the trolley if it is going to cost them a quid especially in today' economic climate.

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