Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Low Bridge’s and Bluebells.

5 Miles, 3 Locks, 1 Lift bridge. Now moored at Bridge 20 Caldon Canal.

Gypsy Rover in lock 1 of the Etruria staircase locks.

Bluebells aplenty on the Caldon Canal.

More uncertain weather but it was time to push on. Passing through Hanley we had to negotiate a couple of low bridges where we had to duck down and could barely see above the roof. We didn’t see any low bridge warning signs on these 2 bridges but we did at another bridge a couple of miles further on where we only had to bend our knee’s to clear the iron work. Somebody got it wrong!

There are still signs of the pottery industry with small manufacturers alongside the canal and preserved kilns standing alone in an area where the factory once stood but has now been demolished and the site is awaiting redevelopment. The kilns are now listed buildings and have to be preserved.

These two old kilns stand alone in an area where once a factory stood. They are classified heritage buildings and cannot be demolished.

Once clear of the city the open rolling hills were pleasing to the eye with the colours of Spring and an area absolutely smothered in Bluebell’s, probably the best display we have seen. An old railway line follows the canal very closely crossing it in several places. Apparently the track is still in place and this would make an ideal line for preservation with the splendid scenery. Looking through various books it appears that this line left the main line South of Stoke and joined up to the Churnet valley line just North of Cheddleton, the latter now being a preserved line which we will visit on Saturday. It seems to be all part of the old North Staffordshire railway prior to be swallowed up by the London Midland & Scottish railway.

Industrial warehouses like these were the life blood of the canals with door to door delivery.

1631 locks, 3462 miles, 59 Tunnels, 45 swing bridges and 40 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Les Biggs said...

Hi Dot/Derek
As your keen on trains like myself you can get into the engine shed at Chedleton, just go over the level crosssing and walk to the right.
Also a good bird saanctuary up the hill at Froghall.
Hope this is helpfull as i am assuming you have not done the Caldon. Watch out for the R. Churnet.
E Mail if you want info on other things.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Les
Thanks for that info, yes it is all new territory to us. The train is in steam this weekend so guess where Derek will be?
Nice photos of llangollen, we didnt walk to the top as we were short of time when we were there in August and no moorings other than our time in the basin.
Take care Dot