Thursday, 7 May 2009

Majorca in the Spring.

As there is a lot to blog about it I will try and catch up over the next week or so. It all started back in January when we were snowed in with nothing better to do than surf the net. The Isle of Wight trip was the first holiday that we came up with and about the same time found a very cheap deal to Majorca which is not easy to get to from New Zealand. As it worked out the deal was a very good one and a very interesting holiday it worked out to be.

The plan was to store the boat at Great Haywood Marina and get the Mikuni central heating unit serviced at the same time. We left the boat about 9am and travelled down to London from Stafford by Virgin Trains and then out to Gatwick via Victoria Station. As our flight was with Easy Jet we wanted to make sure we were not one of the unfortunate people we see on the TV program that miss their flights.

The inter terminal transfer train at Gatwick airport. Running on tyre's? What ever next.

As breakfast was served up until 10.30am we were able to have a lay in the next morning and catch up on some sleep. The first day was just spent mooching around the resort checking things out and getting our bearings.

Upon arrival in Palma, Mallorca (Majorca) which was still quite warm at 16deg C, we spent 15 minutes or more hunting around for our shuttle to the hotel which wasn’t easy. We eventually reached our hotel (more like a holiday camp) and found our apartment some time after midnight, absolutely shattered.

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