Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Over the last couple of days we have made a couple of trips into Stafford, firstly on a sight seeing trip where we found the Broad Eye windmill more or less in the middle of town. This structure is basically only the building without the sails etc but it is planned to fully restore it and make it a living museum.

Broadeye Windmill in the centre of Stafford. Slowly being restored.

The oldest building in Stafford is St Chad's church dating back to the 12th century. Here the main altar dated 1910, displays panels depicting all the Mercian Saints.
This beautiful ornate wooden tower above the font (1856) is telescopic with a counter balance inside. It was designed and built in 1935.

The second trip was just for the usual mundane shopping to replenish the store cupboard before we move on again. In between times I have been busy removing the rubber matting glued to the rear deck which had started to lift and trap water underneath. There was a small amount of rusting but this has all been cleaned up and I have so far managed to apply 2 undercoats and 1 top coat. If the weather warms up a bit later this morning I will put a 2nd coat of top coat on but at the moment the strong Easterly wind is keeping the temperature down even though the sun is shining.

How quaint is this is the heart of Stafford?


Tony said...

Aha! I was correct about the windmill photograph. However, I didn't expect "my" van to be included in the photograph (the Transit minibus in your photograph is the one I sometimes drive.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Tony
Its a small, small world, how about that. Keep up the good work.