Wednesday, 13 May 2009

More Modifications

Locks, 1 Mile. Now moored at Tixall Wide.

First thing this morning we moved across the junction to the back of the water point alongside Anglo Welsh’s yard where we had arranged to meet an engineer who was going to modify the lockers in the front cratch. The original lockers were oblong and stopped the front doors from opening fully, a builders faux pas.

Front locker before modification.

The plan was to cut off the corners and weld in a curved plate which was in fact a length of 6 inch pipe cut in half lengthways. The offending corners were soon made short work of and the new inserts fitted perfectly. The problem came when it was time to weld them in as the engineer was only using a small portable Arc welder and either the welder wasn’t up to the job or it was the type of steel because he had no end of trouble trying to get a good weld. After many try’s of grinding and re-welding he finally got the job finished and it makes a heck of a difference being able to fold the doors right back making the cratch more roomy.

Front locker after modification. The doors now open fully.

Once the engineer had finished we moved away from the junction but due to lack of moorings on the Trent & Mersey we came down the Staffs & Worcs to Tixall Wide or just short of it to find a mooring. As soon as I have finished painting the stern deck the next job will be to completely repaint the cratch and the lockers.

1610 locks, 3437 ½ miles, 59 Tunnels, 45 swing bridges and 39 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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