Monday, 25 May 2009

Oh’ What a Glorious Day.

7 Locks, 5 Miles, 2 Lift Bridges. Now moored at bridge 31.

After another look around the Engine shed at the Churnet Valley railway it was time to pull the pins. Unfortunately we had worked out that it was pointless going down to the Froghall tunnel as we are about 6 inches too high so we just went as far as lock 16, winded there and head back. It wasn’t so bad because we had walked the final section down to the basin and can say “been there, done that”.

Just out of Cheddleton we almost ran into Kev and Ann on Narrowboat 4 Evermore, at a bridge hole (where else). Unfortunately it was too narrow to stop so it was just a fleeting hello and goodbye, hopefully we will meet up again for a longer chat sometime in the future.

Being a Bank holiday week-end everybody has been commenting on the weather not being the usual miserable weather associated with holiday week-ends. It has been a real scorcher and would easily be the hottest day we have had this year so far.

1649 locks, 3479 miles, 61 Tunnels, 45 swing bridges and 44 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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Ann/Kev said...

Hi Derek & Dot,
Sorry not to have had a chat with you but as you said in you blog, our position wasn't exactly heplful. We will be heading towards Great Haywood after we leave the Caldon (probably Friday) hope to run in to you in the future
Kev & Ann (4evermoore)