Thursday, 17 September 2009

Going Down.

11 Locks, 3 Miles, 2 swing Bridges. Now moored at Ashley Lane Moorings.

Shipley 001Bingley Five rise locks. These gate are huge.

Eight ‘o’ clock on the dot and we were marshalled into the top lock of the Bingley Five Rise locks to begin our descent towards Leeds. The lock keeper had already been on the job for a while clearing rubbish from around the lock gates and overflow sluices. Thirty minutes or so and we were on our way towards the Bingley three locks where the lock keeper was expecting us.This flight soon came and went and we had about a miles cruise before the Dowley Gap two flight where again a lock keeper was in attendance.

Shipley 003 Leaving the bottom lock of the Bingley Five.

The lock keeper gave Dot some valuable information about mooring possibilities in the Shipley area before we proceeded to Hirst lock where the same lock keeper met us again just to ensure there were no problems. These eleven locks had dropped us a total of one hundred and eighteen and a half feet down towards Leeds, talk about coming down out of the clouds. Phew!

Shipley 008 Bottom of the Bingley Three Rise locks.

Luck was on our side because there was a mooring available at the Ashley Lane visitor moorings where we had planned to stay. These moorings are only big enough for 2 boats and at present we have it all to ourselves.

Shipley 025 Gypsy Rover at rest at Ashley Lane Visitor Moorings at Shipley.

1821 locks, 3734½ miles, 68 tunnels, 116 swing bridges and 53 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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