Monday, 28 September 2009

The Royal Armouries, Leeds.

Leeds 121 The Royal Armouries  Museum Leeds.

Leeds 137 Players in the Civil War re-enactment at the Armoury, Leeds. 26th/27th Sept,2009.

Our decision to stay outdoors yesterday proved to be the right one as today has been overcast, windy but not too cold. A good day for a visit to the Royal Armouries Museum. This museum came about because the Tower of London and the museum at Portsmouth had become full to overflowing with exhibits and artefacts that a new site was required.

Leeds 124  The Royal crest surrounded by weapons of war.

What a museum it is, five stories high of amazing displays not only of war and fighting but of hunting through the ages and modern day gun and knife crime in the UK. We spent the best part of 5 hours in the museum but really to do it justice you really need to spend a whole day in there.

Leeds 127Hunting section of the Royal Armoury depicting a Tiger hunt.

Leeds 134 Japanese mounted warrior.

When you feel like a rest there are little covered in glass balconies overlooking Clarence Dock where you can sit and enjoy what ever is happening below. Today there was a procession of people all wearing bright pink “T” shirts with other brightly coloured apparel. Some of the men were even wearing bright pink high heeled shoes. We presumed that it was an organised fund raising walk as there were a couple of medics among them carrying huge first aid packs. Just seen on the BBC news that it was a fundraising  for Breast Cancer “High heelathon!”

Leeds 130Even the men were wearing high heeled shoes.

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