Sunday, 20 September 2009

Saltaire Combined Reformed Church.

Despite Sir Titus being a supposedly modest man and not one to spend money frivolously his church was something to be aligned with a grand mansion or hall. We only got a sneak preview in the church just as the warden was about to lock up so she could go to work.

Saltaire 022 The former Congregational church at Saltaire built by Sir Titus Salt for his workers.

We did learn that Sir Titus wanted his wife to sit among the congregation and get all the gossip from the workers about him or the company but she refused. She insisted that a balcony for her and the family be built at the rear of the church above the congregation. Sir Titus relented and gave her what she requested but then had two huge chandeliers built and hung in such a position so that her view was completely obscured.

Saltaire 028 Inside Sir Titus Salts Congregational church.

The church was closed for a period but was re-opened in 1958 after restoration and redecoration and has under gone subsequent restoration. Being a Grade 1 listed building under the guidelines of English Heritage everything has to be restored exactly as it was originally. Unfortunately vandalism in the form of smashed windows and lead stolen from the Mausoleum roof adds to the overall running cost of the building.

Saltaire 025 Sir Titus Salt is entombed in this crypt on the side of his Congregational church. Unfortunately thieves keep stealing the lead off the roof.

Saltaire 029 Sir Titus salt was supposed to be a modest man but his church is far from modest with his initials TS in abundance on the buildings.

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