Thursday, 10 September 2009

Skipton Castle II

Skipton Castle 020 Part of the sea shell grotto at Skipton castle complete with face in shell fragments.Skipton Castle 025Derek and Tracey ascending the steps to the main entrance into the castle proper.Skipton Castle 026Conduit Courtyard with the Yew tree planted 1659 by Lady Anne Clifford to commemorate the rebuilding of the castle after the Civil War. Skipton Castle 030 Two of the cannons which protected Skipton castle during the Civil War.Skipton Castle 039 The main entrance to Skipton Castle.Skipton Castle 041 Clifford coat of Arms, Skipton Castle.Skipton Castle 044 Charcoal oven in one of the 2 original kitchens.Skipton Castle 048The Chapel of St John The Evangelist at  Skipton Castle.  Skipton Castle 050Part of Skipton castle's cobbled courtyards.Skipton Castle 064 Beautifully kept grounds at Skipton Castle.Skipton Castle 065 Part of Skipton castle which is a tea room and souvenir shop.

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