Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Saltaire’s Harmonium and Organ Collection.

Saltaire 055 Truemans Harmonia in Saltaire

While in Saltaire we visited the Victoria Hall which is another grand building which was originally the Institute. This is still used as an events venue with a large reed organ in the main auditorium. In one of the side rooms is a collection of reed organs and harmoniums from around the world which is one man’s work along with his long suffering wife. Most of the organs are found in damaged or dismembered conditions but they painstakingly restore them to working condition.

Saltaire 056 Victoria Hall in Saltaire contains a museum of Harmoniums and Organs.

They have been obtained from churches,chapels,old cinema's where silent movies used to be shown before they were demolished. The proprietors told us that they had a picture of an organ that had been built especially for an exhibition which I suspect may have been the Festival of Britain some time around 1935. However they never ever thought they would see it let alone own it but their wish came true when it was found and it now takes pride of place among their collection.

Saltaire 057 This organ is a one off having been specially made for an exhibiton possibly the festival of Britain exhibition in 1935.

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