Thursday, 24 September 2009

Shipley MRC Exhibition

With the editor having been away in London visiting family since the 16th I have been holed up at Shipley on my lonesome. The most interesting thing that took place while she was away was a visit to the Shipley Model Railway Club on the 19th.

Shipley MRS exhb 008St George's Quay in '0' gauge. The coal chute actually drops coal into the hold.

With 13 layouts on display including the clubs 2 permanent layouts there was plenty to see and watch. Spread over 3 floors it was probably the best exhibition I’ve seen this year.

Shipley MRS exhb 010Very well made river and viaduct on an 'N' gauge layout.

Other than this I have spent the rest of the time catching up on little repair jobs that get left for a rainy day. The weather wasn’t good enough to touch up any paintwork on the outside but the interior got a spruce up.

Shipley MRS exhb 017Welsh narrow gauge in 009 gauge. Real smoke included.

Shipley MRS exhb 032Breakdown train awaiting it's next call out.

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