Monday, 23 November 2009

All the fun of the fair.

0 Locks, 12.51 Miles. Back at Hinckley.

With the current wet weather sweeping the country we have had to pick our moments when to move and travel further than we would normally. There are still a few hardy souls like us moving around with the occasional hire boat making an appearance.

Along the way we have noticed that farm livestock are disappearing from the fields with farmers now bringing them into the yards and sheds making it easier to feed out hay and silage during winter. In New Zealand the animals are left out in the fields where they are fed. Only high country stock are brought down to lower levels to avoid losing stock in the snow.

Between the showers today we caught the bus into Hinckley to visit  B&Q (the hardware supermarket) to buy some self adhesive vinyl tiles to replace the lino in the kitchen, bathroom and rear entrance. When we arrived in town we found that the whole of the town centre closed off and an enormous funfair filling the streets. Rides of all descriptions,dodgem cars, which were in hot demand,, food stalls and the usual “try your luck” side shows. It’s just a pity that the wet weather was keeping people away. Tucked away in side streets were huge great lorries with generators big enough to supply half the towns electricity pounding away burning through what little profit there was to be made.

 2027 locks, 3990.96 miles, 76 tunnels, 130 swing bridges and 54 lift bridges since Nov 2006

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ray pearce said...

Hi Dot and Derek

have been following your blog since you have started and enjoy reading about your travels. We are looking forward to cruising as you have done. Just about finalised all of our affairs here, but will be another 1-2 years away from the move, so was interested in your comments that you might be giving it all up to move back to NZ. We spent 6 weeks last year on the cut and enjoyed every minute of it.
Carry on with the travelogue and the enjoyment