Thursday, 22 July 2010

The final cruise.

0 Locks, 6.28 Miles. 2 tunnels Now moored at Brownsover

Brownsover 014 Derek making the most of our final cruise.

Since the end of last week we have cruised from Brownsover to Newbold via Clifton Wharf mainly to achieve some washing. Today we pulled out of Newbold and headed up to Lime Farm Marina for our final pump out. From there it was back to the Barley Mow pub for water and then down to Brownsover in readiness for Friday's hand over.

Brownsover 019 Dot making the most of our final cruise.

In between times we have had visits from Iain and Myra on Nb Martlett, Paul and Lynne on Nb Piston Broke and spoken to Baden and Ros on Nb Pania. Our email box has also been receiving many emails from friends and acquaintances we have met on “The Cut” all wishing us every success with our next life’s experience.

Brownsover 021 Steam tug Laplander out of the water for blacking.

The next 6 months being landlubbers will take a bit of getting used too but at least we will have the motorhome to look forward too. Then it will be the open road rather than open waterways.

Brownsover 024 BW Dredger heading for Ansty.

Since mooring up we have been passed by a BW dredger and 2 BW tugs and barges loaded with sand, gravel, cement and those environmentally friendly willow edging rolls. They are headed for Ansty to undergo some repairs on either the towpath or the offside bank.

Brownsover 026 BW tug with a load of sand, gravel and cement.

Brownsover 028Another BW tug loaded with willow edging rolls for bank repairs, they are going to be busy!

2233 locks, 4335.88 miles, 96 tunnels, 131 swing bridges and 58 lift bridges since Nov 2006


Adam said...

It won't be the same without the regular updates detailing your exploits on the cut. So glad we had the chance to meet you a couple of times out on the water, and best wishes for the next stage in your lives.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Its been so nice reading you blog, heres wishing you many happy fun filled days on your next phase!

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Adam
It was great meeting you and Adrian and a shame our cruising has come to an end so quickly. We will be keeping an eye on all the blogs in the next 12 months and may pop up at any time.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Debbie
Thanks for that sorry we missed you on our trip to Liverpool last year, nobody home at the time.

Unknown said...

You will both be sadly missed, but you know how to find us. Hope to see you soon?

BigJohn said...

Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! It can't be "the final cruise" - but it is, and as they say, "all good things must come to an end" - but they leave room for more new good things.
Hope you'll keep the blogging going, so we know where we can catch up with you.
For now... hope all your dreams continue to become reality.
Best wishes
John & Fi
nb Epiphany

Derek and Dot said...

Jill, Graham,John and Fiona
We will miss you all thank you for making our cruising such an enjoyable experience. Keep in touch, we will keep the blog going and watch what you are all doing, and yes you never know when we might turn up.

Ann/Kev said...

Hi Derek & Dot,
Sorry we never met up face to face, we passed by at a bridge hole last year on the Caulden, we'vr enjoyed your blog, incidentaly, we had a caravan for 18 years and were members of the Caravan Club, they have some fantastic sites in some fantastic locations, give them a try! All the best to you both
Ann & Kev (4Evermoore)

Jenny and Robin said...

Hi D & D, the "Final Cruise". sounds so sad. You will be sad to see the boat go, but as you say, another adventure is opening up with the motor home. We are so pleased that we got the chance to travel over the Llangollen Canal with you on our UK trip, it was such a wonderful experience and one we will never forget.
Your NZ mates, Jenny and Robin

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Ann and Kev
Yes we remember passing in a very narrow spot on the Cauldon. We have been members of our caravan club for over 15 years and are also members of the the NZ motorhome club so we should be in our element once we return home.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Jenny and Robin
Looking forward to your retirement, you better start planning for our combined tour of the south island for when we get back. At least now you know we will be back next year.

Carol said...

Well, Dot and Derek, Your final voyage a sad time I'm sure but filled I'm also sure with anticipation of the next adventure, whatever and wherever that may take you both. 2233 locks, 4335.88 miles, 96 tunnels etc is impressive indeed. Good Luck, hope to meet up with you both sometime in the future.
Carol and George

Unknown said...

good luck on the road

Geoff and Mags said...

Hey you two,
Sorry we didn't really get the chance to meet up properly, just a brief encounter at Great Heywood. All the best for your new venture, if you're anywhere near us on your travels there'll always be a brew for you here on Seyella.
Look after yourselves,

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Eddie, Geoff and Mags
Thanks for your kind words we will be very busy following all your exploits.