Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Conkers Past and Present.

march 089

When I was growing up in Watford conkers were an autumnal pastime for kids to play. Apparently Health and Safety now frown upon this game without the use of a visor, what a bunch of party poopers. I don’t recall anybody ever getting injured with them.

Living on Gypsy Rover we were told that conkers were a good way to deter spiders coming aboard and it seemed to work as we had very few. However with this blight now attacking Horse Chestnut tree’s conkers may become a thing of the past as tree’s around here have very little on them.  Dot went foraging for some as we have a few of the little blighters appearing in the flat.  She only managed to find these four, so hopefully they will have the desired result.


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

We have taken to collecting conkers and planting them in towpath hedges and any other suitable spot hoping that some may grow and replace those affected by the blight.

Derek and Dot said...

Thats not a silly idea, depends if the disease is in the conker or not. Must try that next week, watch this space.