Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cruising Matilda Rose again.

Another invite to crew on Matilda Rose was gratefully accepted this morning and by 10.30am we were back on board at their Whittlesey mooring. As it was only 4 miles to Stanground lock where you have to book your passage through, there was no immediate hurry.

The plan was to moor at Peterborough where we were to catch up with Joe and Lesley on Nb Caxton who at the time of our departure from Whittlesey were only just leaving Ramsey about 2 hours behind us.

While Dot was at the helm Graham and I were busily fish spotting in the crystal clear water. We spotted pike from a few ounces up to a strangely patterned 6 or 7 pounder. Instead of the usual stripe pattern of a Pike it was more like that of a Turtle. A couple of shoals of large Chub were also seen and plenty of shoals of small fry.

At Stanground lock we had only just pulled onto the lock landing when Tina, the lock keeper waved us in 40 minutes ahead of schedule. After a quick stop for diesel it was out onto the river Nene where after doing a large figure of 8 we finally found a suitable mooring to await the arrival of Joe and Lesley on Caxton.

Peterborough 004 Tina and George or is it Simba at Stanground lock? George could be Simba (our cat in New Zealand) identical twin brother with the same markings. Unbelievable!.  Tina is the lock keeper at Stanground lock as were her father and grandfather before her.

After getting re-acquainted with Joe, Lesley,and dog’s Fletcher and Floyd there was just enough time for a chat and a coffee before we had to walk into town to catch the bus back to March. If we missed the 6pm bus it was a 2 ½ hour wait for the next one which wouldn’t get us home until about 10pm.

Once again thanks to Graham, Jill, Mutley and Baxter for another brilliant day on the water. It was great to meet up with Joe and Lesley again,  and it won’t be the last time we meet up with these four fellow bloggers.

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Threats, threats...
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