Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kings Lynn.

Kings Lynn 001 Kings Lynn Corn Exchange built in 1854 , converted to a theatre/concert hall in 1996.

This week’s trip was to Kings Lynn via Norfolk Green buses. One hour twenty minutes passing through numerous Norfolk towns and villages was as interesting as the final destination. Even though the local terrain is as flat as a pancake, there is still plenty to see.

Kings Lynn 002Kings Lynn open market. Look at all those vegetables!

At Wigginhall St German we spotted the Middle Level Commissioners pumping station just outside Kings Lynn. This was a huge modification project to protect the Fens for the next 70 years or so. A bit further on was another massive project at Saddlebow to build a new Gas Turbine 981MW power station opposite the existing power station. A new 400,000V power grid will need to be built to distribute.

Kings Lynn 017 The old 17C Customs House on the only remaining dock that can be isolated from the tidal river.

Our entrance into Kings Lynn was quite interesting passing through the last remaining part of the towns defence system namely the South Gate. The town centre is a mixture of old and new buildings but down along the waterfront we found plenty of historic buildings. It was here that we found the new(ish) flood defence gates that could close off the streets and alleyways leading up to the town centre. It was quite disconcerting that the river Great Ouse can rise to such a level.

Kings Lynn 056 Flood gates on Kings Lynn waterfront shutting off the river from the town centre in times of flooding.

In relation to the flooding in the district there were 5 markings on the wall of the St Margaret's Church’s foyer. The highest mark was about 2 feet up the wall, which, when you realise the church is probably on the highest point of land in town it’s mind boggling as to how bad the flooding has been in the past.

Kings Lynn 041St Margarets Kings Lynn. Flood markers between 1883 and 1978.

There is still plenty to see around the area so we will have to make a return trip before too long.


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

My dad did a lot of restoration work on the Old Costoms House about 60 years a go, I hope its still OK

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Brian and Diana
Yes the customs house looks fantastic, it obviously has had some minor work done recently but really is a lovely building.