Friday, 17 September 2010

Drawn back again.

Yesterday morning after our daily shopping trip we spotted Nb Matilda Rose on the town moorings. As we walked down Elwyn road opposite the moorings we couldn’t see anybody on board so Dot rang them on her mobile. It transpired that Graham was on board and invited us down for a coffee.

march 075Henry and Hector the Middle Level Commissions weed catcher and weed cutter on the Fens.

We had not long been on board when Jill returned from a trip walking the dogs. Needless to say there was a lot to talk about and we eventually went home for lunch about 3 hours later with an invite to return that evening for a curry. Another 4 ½ hours of chit chat that evening over a lovely curry and a very fattening chocolate fudge cake that Graham couldn’t resist from Sainsbury’s, Eventually we had to leave before Graham wilted like an old flower, poor fella had had a long day.  We did however get another invite to cruise with them today up to Whittlesey.

march 079 Ashline lock Whittlesey.

Needless to say we were back on board by 10am this morning ready to go. Graham decided it was time for a day off so Dot and I were left in charge of the tiller. Other than it being overcast and windy with a short shower of rain it was a very enjoyable day back on the water. Arrival at the moorings at the Whittlesey sport centre and it was time for home made soup and bread made by Jill and Graham respectively.

march 080 Happy chappie Graham from Nb Matilda Rose.

Around 5pm and it was time to head off into town to catch our bus back to March. Thanks guys for a brilliant day out. See you again Saturday!

march 083 Graham checking the moorings at Whittlesey.

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