Thursday, 2 September 2010

Peterborough here we come!

Peterborough 002 The Butter Cross 1669 –1671, in Cathedral Square Peterborough .  Photo taken when we were there in 2008, unfortunately I was without  my camera today for a change.  Won’t do that again.

After getting a bum steer about being able to drive our motorhome on a car licence it was time to get the ball rolling to obtain a class C1 licence (LGV’s up to 7500kg). Although holding a heavy trade licence in New Zealand I had not bothered to change it over when I got my UK drivers Licence. Naughty Boy!  Today I had a doctors appointment in Peterborough for a medical examination. Even though the doctor passed me as fit he warned me that the DVLA may request a further Cardiologist's report which sounds crazy to me as the Cardiologist at Coventry hospital has signed me off back to my GP.

Immediately after this I headed off to the DVLA’s local office to deposit all the necessary paper work to apply for a provisional C1 licence before I can undergo a theory and practical tests on an appropriate vehicle.

Dot also had to take her brand new Nokia phone in for repair.  As a mobile phone it was useless, our callers could hear us ok but we were unable to hear them.  After taking it back to Carphone Warehouse where they verified the volume was unacceptable they suggested we take it direct to the Nokia repairer just around the corner.  No problem it should be back in a couple of days.  

Peterborough 001 I just love this old building in Cathedral Square

As we hadn’t seen Tracey for a while she decided to catch the train and come and join us for the day. As the weather was an absolute scorcher it made for a very pleasant day out. Of course while I was at the doctors  Dot and Tracey did the shop’s in the Queensgate centre and surprisingly enough it was only Dot that bought anything. Dot had seen a pair of sandals she liked when visiting Lesley on Nb Caxton.  Well she was lucky enough to get a pair her size in the end of season sale at less than half price, how lucky was that?

Catching the 6pm bus back to March meant we wouldn’t be home much before 7.15pm. Arriving back in March we called into the Kashmir Balti House restaurant just up the road from our apartment for Indian takeaways. Chicken and King Prawn Korma’s for myself and Dot respectively. Yum!

After a quick meal I headed off to the Model Railway club as tonight’s meeting was the last before the club’s open day at St Peter’s church hall on Saturday. There was still plenty to complete to get the club’s new layout partially operational for the show. Fingers crossed for the day.

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