Thursday, 16 September 2010

St Margarets Church Kings Lynn

Kings Lynn 046St Margarets, Kings Lynn under going restoration, after 900 years

Just back from the waterfront we visited St Margaret’s Church. This was one of 2 that were built by the Bishop of Norwich, the other being St Peter’s at Great Yarmouth. Building commenced in 1101 and took several generations to complete. It’s more the size of a Cathedral than a church. Due to the soft terrain under the foundations of the church the builders laid many, many Oak tree’s infilled with ton’s of shellfish shell’s. With the water table only 2 feet below the floor, the church has no crypt. Some of the wall’s and pillar’s have a distinct lean but they have been standing all those decades so they will probably be standing for quite a few more yet. The pews closest to the altar were solid timber over 600 years old.

Kings Lynn 037 The monks were not allowed to sit during service but they did rest on the little ledge on the back of the fold down seat. They are 600 years old.

Kings Lynn 034 The carved wooden panel behind the altar should be level with the bottom of the window, but the vicar at the time had the floor raised much to the consternation of the carver as he wasn't informed of the alteration..

Kings Lynn 038 St Margarets organ.

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