Friday, 10 June 2011

Camp site monitoring.

Gypsy Rover at South Whittlieburn farm, Largs.Gypsy Rover at South Whittlieburn farm, Largs.

Again, the weather hasn’t been kind to us with more rain. What with this and no where to go within easy reach it’s been a bit of a boring day. This afternoon the rain has held off long enough for us to go for a walk along a farm track which was about a mile and a half round trip. Other than fields, horse’s and a river that was the sum total of what’s to see.

Derek talking to our neighbours at South Whittlieburn farm.Derek talking to our neighbours at South Whittlieburn farm.

Not long after returning to the motorhome we had a surprise knock on the door by a gentleman with an official looking dog tag around his neck. As I opened the door I spotted the Caravan Club Logo on his jacket. He introduced himself as Jim Thomson, Regional C.L Advisor and passed me his card. He then requested to see our Caravan Club membership card to prove we were legitimately parked on the Club C.L site.

He couldn’t have timed it better as it was only this morning that I had emailed the Club HQ complaining about site’s that state they are PTA which in the club definition is “Public Transport within a mile”. This is now the third site that we have struck that clearly does not come within that definition. We had a long discussion about the matter and he promised that he would review sites within his jurisdiction. It also came out that in the past, site proprietors supplied their own information to be collated into the club handbook but now advisors such as himself will work together with site proprietors to ensure the information is correct.

Of course it transpired that he had visited NZ about 10 years ago and a lot of reminiscing then took place.

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