Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sight seeing in Glasgow.

Sculpture at Buchanan St bus station Glasgow.Sculpture at Buchanan St bus station Glasgow.

We were up and away early to catch the bus into town this morning. Everything went to plan until we boarded the bus. “Sorry we don’t accept English bus passes here” said the driver. B***er, now what do we do, because they operate the coins in the box system with no change given and we only had notes with us. Luckily the driver took pity on us and found enough change to break a ‘tenner’.

Time runs away with you?Time runs away with you?

City Chambers, George's square, Glasgow.City Chambers, George's Square, Glasgow.

Arriving in the city we wondered where to start? Simple just catch the open top tour bus of which there are 2 separate operator’s in Glasgow. For £9 each, a hour and forty five minutes tour lay ahead. The operator’s advertise a multi lingual commentary by Scottish Author, Historian and Broadcaster, Neil Oliver however for some reason or other they had a woman doing live commentary. At times she was very hard to understand and spent quite a lot of time promoting various retail outlets on the route rather than historic information but we did get the drift of most of it.

George's square, Glasgow.George's Square, Glasgow.

George Square with it's many statue's of famous Scot's.George Square with it's many statue's of famous Scot's.

We had just completed the full circuit and had thought about going back to Glasgow Green by the River Clyde when the sky opened up sending everybody scurrying for cover. As the bus pulled into the last stop we spotted a Subway takeaway bar so we hopped off and headed there for lunch. After a slow lunch the weather improved slightly so we walked back to the bus station via a different route taking in some different sight’s. Upon reaching the bus station the weather was starting to look rather indifferent so because we had at least a mile walk back to the camp from the bus stop we opted to catch the next bus home.

Winter Palace Glasgow.Winter Palace Glasgow.

Doulton Fountain Glasgow.Doulton Fountain Glasgow.

We found the city a real mixture of new and old with plenty of redevelopment going on especially in the way of sport and tourism attractions some due to open before the end of June. Down at the new Riverside Museum was moored a beautiful 3 masted  ship which would have been a familiar sight back in the 18thC. We learnt from the bus commentary that Glasgow was not only famous for it’s ship building but also the importation of tobacco.

The oldest house in central Glasgow.The oldest house in central Glasgow.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

Thirteen track's cross this bridge.Thirteen track's cross this bridge.

Ship builders crane in front of the "Armadillo" The Scottish Exhibition and theatre complex.Ship builders crane in front of the "Armadillo" The Scottish Exhibition and theatre complex.

Glasgow's latest addition, the Waterfront Museum not quite ready to open.Glasgow's latest addition, the Waterfront Museum should have opened last week but still not quite ready.

No off street parking and the road is wide enough to park up the centre.No off street parking and the road is wide enough to park up the centre.

One of two Police boxes seen in Glasgow. Dr Who perhap's?One of two Police boxes seen in Glasgow. Dr Who perhap's?


Jenny and Robin said...

Hi there

Neil Oliver should have been there you say? That young dark headed Scots historian and archeologist is one of Jenny's favourite young men, especially when he is wearing a dress kilt. We first saw him in an excellent TV series called "Two men in a Trench".
And Glasgow is where her Grand-dad was born and bred, before heading out to New Zealand, via Canada.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Robin and Jenny
Yes was a shame never mind, didn't realise that Jenny had Scottish ancestry. We'd make a league of nations, me with Irish and Derek English.