Sunday, 5 June 2011

Gretna Green.

60.7 Miles. Now at Glenearly Caravan Park at Dalbeattie.
The Blacksmith shop, Gretna Green.The Old Blacksmith shop, Gretna Green.
We have left England behind for a while as we plan to spend the next 5 weeks in Scotland. First visit was to the World Famous Gretna Green which was only an hour away from our campsite at Crofton Hall. Because the tourist trade is so important here they have laid out a huge free car park catering for everybody from motorcycles to tour coaches making it very easy to stop off for a while.

Fancy marrying at Gretna Green? Give them a call.Fancy marrying at Gretna Green? Give them a call.

Steel chassis with wooden bodywork.Steel chassis with wooden bodywork.
Retired at 23 years of age. Ex Guardsman horse from London.Retired at 23 years of age. Ex Guardsman horse from London.
We had no sooner pulled into the car park when we spotted a horse float with “Tartan Carriages Wedding Specialists” emblazoned along the side. Behind the truck were two well groomed black horses and a shiny black carriage being prepared for a wedding. Talking to the proprietor it transpired he was a retired Guardsman from London as was one of his horses. The horse had been retired with him, was 23 years old but still fit enough to work. The other horse was his “Baby” who was only 6 years old and still a learner.
All set for another wedding special at Gretna Green.All set for another wedding special at Gretna Green.
The carriage had been specially made in Germany in 2008 with a steel chassis, wooden coachwork and leather upholstery. The only modification was the Occupational Health & Safety rule the carriage had to have disc brakes. The old harness that had a bum strap around the rear of the horse to slow the carriage on a down hill slope was no longer necessary.

No guessing where Dot is.No guessing where Dot is.

Apparently “The Gretna Wedding Bureau” can arrange the cheapest weddings in the world including a Piper and are taking orders from all around the world. First time or renew vows they can handle it all.

What is there to say?What is there to say?

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