Sunday, 19 June 2011

Isle of Skye.

66.3 Miles. Now at Staffin Caravan and Camping site on the Isle of Skye.

Staffin Caravan Park, Isle of Skye.Staffin Caravan Park, Isle of Skye.

Before we broke camp this morning there had been a lot of traffic up and down the lane outside the camp. Then a very low flying helicopter appeared on the scene and landed just a wee way up the valley. To start with we thought that it might be the mountain rescue service on a call out, or doing a training exercise. We were close, we found out from a local that it was sort of a annual Iron man race over the mountain. A five mile run then a cycle race to some where near Inverness. The helicopter was there to keep an eye on proceedings from above and if necessary bring out any casualties.

Eilean Donan castle on Loch Duich.Eilean Donan Castle on Loch Duich. The most photographed castle in Scotland.

Piper at Eilean Donan castle.Young boy Piper at Eilean Donan Castle.

The Eilean Donan Castle was our first stop of the day as we headed off to the Isle of Skye. Thankfully the weather had changed for the better and it was blue sky and sunshine for the day. By the time we reached the castle there was already about 8 coaches and 50 cars in the car park so the place was quite busy. We have visited the castle many years ago but since then a huge parking area and visitor centre have been built. After a brief stop it was back on the road again.

With lochalsh and the Skye Bridge in the background taken by a  German tourist.The happy tourists with Lochalsh and the Skye Bridge in the background.

The port and ferry service below the Skye bridge.The port and ferry service below the Skye bridge.

We were surprised at the level of traffic coming off the Island and the amount of of European registered cars and caravans. There were more left hand drive vehicles than there were right handed. Going over the Skye Bridge, which is an amazing construction, we could see why it would be necessary to close it in high winds, it is just so exposed. Our trip across was trouble free and we even spotted a pedestrian walking across (there is a footpath both sides).

There are some pretty rugged mountains on Skye.There are some pretty rugged mountains on Skye.

Looking back at the inlet we have just driven around.Looking back at the inlet we have just driven around.

At times we could imagine ourselves travelling through the central North island around Turangi and Taupo as the scenery was so much alike. The road condition wasn’t as good though until we turned of the A87 onto the A855 at Portree. This road has recently been resealed and is only a single lane with passing bays about every 250 yards for several miles. Eventually it did return to two lanes and the new seal ended. We eventually found the camp site which is actually a Caravan and Camping club site.

Spectacular rock formations on Skye.Spectacular rock formations on Skye.

We had just walked over the brindled pass that dates back to the 19th Century to the right of these hills.We had just walked over the brindled pass that dates back to the 19th Century to the right of these hills.

After lunch we headed off on foot over the nearby hill and followed a track down to the local harbour and beach and returned via the road through the village. The camp warden claims to be able to do the walk in an hour but we think he runs as it took us two hours with a bit of sight seeing along the way. We had planned to stay here the usual two days but we have managed to get an extra day in at Loch Ness so we will headed off out of here tomorrow morning.

Crofters cottage on the Isle of Skye.Crofters cottage on the Isle of Skye.

I've heard of trimmed Poodles but this is ridiculous.I've heard of trimmed Poodles but this is ridiculous.

Staffin harbour.Staffin harbour.

Staffin Bay.Staffin Bay.

A total of 3144 miles, since 5 March 2011


Mary and Tony Price said...

Lovely photo of you guys. Great for the memories when you are old and decrepit.

Derek and Dot said...

Hi you two
Now whose going to get old and decrepit, not me :-)