Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Lake Wanaka.Lake Wanaka, from the neck between the two lakes.

This morning arrived with the promise of an early start.Dream on! We eventually got a text from Tony to say we should get to his yard about lunchtime, so much for an early start.

Lake Wanaka.One just can’t get enough of these views of Lake Wanaka.

Along with Robin we headed into Wanaka to empty our waste tanks and take on fresh water and diesel before heading around to Tony’s yard.  Arriving there we were told the truck was at the airport just 10 minutes away. OK, so how come it took the driver another hour or more before he finally delivered our batteries? lunch of course. He could have waited another 10 minutes couldn’t he?

Haast river above the Gates of Haast bridge.Haast River above the Gates of Haast Bridge.Haast river under the Gates of Haast bridge.

In the meantime Robin and I had got our old batteries ready for quick removal to try and save time when the batteries did finally arrive. We then found out that the Battery supplier in Christchurch had sent the wrong batteries, they were suitable but $100 each dearer. Tony had to get back on the phone to the supplier and give him an earful. To their credit they then said that as we had been waiting for 2 days and had been generally stuffed around we could have the batteries for the same price as the one’s that were ordered. Hurrah, something finally went our way.

Gates of Haast bridge.Gates of Haast Bridge.

Tony quickly had the batteries installed and we were finally underway heading over the Haast Pass to the West Coast. A BIG thank you to Tony of Wanaka Auto Electrical for excellent service and a good deal. They are familiar with motorhome requirements and we can personally recommend them.

Gypsy Rover and Romany Rambler at the Gates of Haast bridge.Gypsy Rover and Romany Rambler at the Gates of Haast Bridge.

It was a good trip in beautiful sunshine with more amazing scenery. There was a bit of snow on the Southern Alps that glinted in the sunshine. Between Wanaka and Franz Josef there is not a great deal of places where we can camp so don’t have a great deal of choice. Tonight we are at the Haast Motor Lodge just a few kilometres out of town.

Good coating of snow on the West Coast.Good coating of snow on the Southern Alps on a beautiful day

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