Monday, 2 April 2012

Heavenly Hawea.


This morning Robin and I had an appointment with the Auto Electrician to get our battery problems sorted out. Tony of Wanaka Auto Electrical had his guys on the job promptly and soon had it sorted. Robins batteries were not up to the job despite what the salesman had told him when he replaced them less than 12 months ago.

All lined up for the vie over Lake Hawea.All lined up for the view over Lake Hawea.

After a thorough check over, it transpired that one of our batteries was dead and the other was on it’s last legs. B***er! Unfortunately between us we needed 4 batteries and Tony only had 1 in stock so a quick phone call to his supplier in Christchurch and 3 more will be couriered overnight. So we cannot venture too far today. We checked out one site just 2km up the road but that was $14 per night with only toilets supplied. We made a group decision to travel another 10km to Lake Hawea where we are now camped.

Lake Hawea and our motorhome on the horizon.Lake Hawea and our motorhome on the top of the hill.

This site is magic with a view over lake Hawea and for a $10 donation we have toilets and showers and washing machines at $2 a go. Perfect, absolutely perfect.

Lake Hawea taking on it's Aurumn tones.Lake Hawea taking on it's Autumn tones.

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