Sunday, 1 April 2012

Walking through Wanaka.

The hills around Lake Wanaka.The hills around Lake Wanaka.

As the camp site at Locharburn is way out in the country and Robin is having electrical problems with his caravan a decision was made to move on this morning to Wanaka. Hopefully here he can find an Auto Electrician first thing tomorrow morning.

The hills and mountains around Lake Wanaka.Mount Aspiring overlooking Lake Wanaka.

We are now parked up at a motor camp close to the shoreline of Lake Wanaka just a 10 minute drive to the Auto Electrician. Depending on how Robin gets on will determine tomorrows movement plans. I may well get the Electrician to do a load test on our batteries as they don’t appear to be holding up as well as they should.

Wanaka.Beautiful park alongside the lake in Wanaka.

Being a beautifully sunny Autumn afternoon we took a walk along the lake front and took some photographs of this amazing part of New Zealand.

House boat on lake Wanaka.House boat on lake Wanaka.Wanaka shopping centre.Wanaka shopping centre.Wanaka.Lovely modern housing overlooking Lake Wanaka.

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