Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pukekura Population - 2

The Bushman's Centre, Pukekura.The Bushman's Centre, Pukekura

Not long after leaving Hari Hari this morning we arrived at the hamlet of Pukekura, land of the Giant Sandfly. Reputed to have just a population of two and a reputation for Possum Pies. The Bushman's Centre shows a video of how the West Coast was tamed or rather how the menace of wild deer was bought under control. Original deer cullers just used to shoot the deer and leave the carcass to rot. Some carcasses were bought out by what ever means available, horse, boat or light aircraft until helicopters were bought into use to recover the venison for the European export market. Kiwi ingenuity then came into play by inventing a gun fired net to snare the deer from helicopters and recover them alive which is where farmed deer originate.

Deer capture net loaded ready to go.Deer capture net loaded ready to go.

Also at the centre you can get close up and personal with Possums, Eels,Thar goats, Wallabies and Red Deer. Along with these are also displays about forestry, fishing and other interests that the West Coast are renowned for.

Thar goats at the Bushmans Centre.Thar goats at the Bushmans Centre.

Possum fur fashion wear are produced on the premises among many souvenir type gifts that will remind you of your West Coast experience.

Bushmans Centre menu.Bushman's Centre menu. Nice to see a sense of humour here.Once deemed to be a pest now succesfully farmed for export venison.Red Deer once deemed to be a pest now successfully farmed for export venison.

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