Monday, 23 April 2012

Relaxation - Fishing and Reading.

Karamea tidal river.Karamea tidal river.

It was decided that today was going to be a relaxing sort of day before we head back towards Westport. Most of the gang read or caught up on the computers, myself, I tried my hand at fishing again. There were plenty of Trout and Herrings cruising up and down the river readily visible but they were feeding on the small fry, whitebait and Cocker Bullies which were plentiful. No matter what lure I tried, it was without success.

Driftwood high and dry on the Karamea river estuary banks.Driftwood high and dry on the Karamea River estuary banks.

Later this afternoon we did venture out with Robin and Jenny to investigate any other history of the district. We learnt how the Murchison earthquake of 1929 bought down huge slips along the Karamea river and virtually changed the course of the river putting an end to the towns river port after 50 years.

A special side or end tipping wagon used to create stop banks along the river.A special side or end tipping wagon used to create stop banks along the river.

Even schooling was no easy task with schools on both side’s of the river and parents choosing which teachers they preferred to teach their children. This quite often meant ferrying children across the river by punt or row boat even in flood conditions. There are reports of a 12 year old girl rowing her younger brothers across the river to school. It wouldn’t happen these days. 

Highland McBull in Karamea.Highland McBull in Karamea.

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