Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Treading Water.

Lake Hawea.Lake Hawea.

What a performance. Today we headed back to the Auto Electrician with the promise of our batteries arriving about lunchtime. We were duly waiting when a Mainfreight came into the street. He ignored us and went further down the road to off load some gear. On his way back I stood out in the road to attract his attention with a got anything for me gesture only to get a NO nod from the driver.Tony the Auto Electrician was straight onto the phone to find out what was going on.

He was rather annoyed after learning that the batteries had left Christchurch and been dropped off at the Cromwell depot for onward transport to Wanaka. Unfortunately the Wanaka truck was carrying food so was not allowed to carry dangerous goods so they got left behind. Great! Another phone call to the Cromwell depot to get a promise of delivery first thing tomorrow (Wednesday). So it was back to the camp at Lake Hawea. Ah well, it could have been worse.

Lake Hawea control dam.Lake Hawea control dam.Found this fella on the banks of Lake Hawea.Found this fella on the banks of Lake Hawea.Lake Hawea control dam out flow.Lake Hawea control dam out flow.Lake Hawea.What a fantastic view from our campsites overlooking Lake Hawea.

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