Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Back to Arthurs Pass again!

With the weather forecast to deteriorate we opted to leave Timaru and get within striking distance of Arthurs Pass. 

IMG_1517Kirwee Tavern.

Passing through Ashburton we picked up a couple of little things for the motorhome before heading for Kirwee for the night.  Staying behind the local tavern we treated ourselves to a meal out.  Lovely but too much to eat that the proprietor offered us a catty (doggy) bag to take with us. Cat face

IMG_1518That snow’s still there.

IMG_1525The low cloud was threatening when we left and got worse the further we went.

IMG_1529Excuse the photo quality, it was soon raining very heavy.

IMG_1530Photos taken between the sweep of the wipers.

IMG_1534My fascination with south island bridges.

IMG_1535What another one? so many one way bridges, we don't see them up home.

IMG_1539We thought there was none of these left! A combined road rail bridge.  You can see the train tracks down the centre of the bridge.

We had intended staying at Cobden Bridge in Greymouth for the night but once we arrived we noticed a power (or lack of) problem.  We opted to head to a motor camp and power to assess the problem.  Now all hooked up and the rain is hammering down on the roof.  Think we made the right decision.

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