Friday, 21 April 2017

Golden Bay

IMG_1737This is our view out the front window! Hard to beat?

IMG_1736NZMCA Port Tarakohe Park at Pohara

I never thought I would find another hill that I disliked more than the Rimutaka Hill in the north island.  But boy I have now, my friend had made a comment about Takaka Hill as she knew I was prone to travel sickness and was surprised we had made the trip. Never again! and we need to return again (only one road access in and out) or perhaps we’ll stay here forever.Smile


We left Motueka in brilliant sunshine yesterday after the boss had inspected the local Menzshed first. Not like home, all in a container. An hour and a half later we pulled into Takaka.

IMG_1685I hope that rock is stable. Who would build in such a cramped space?

IMG_1698Cormorant’s drying off after a morning’s fishing.

IMG_1702Post’s like this are placed all along the harbour break water and they mark Penguin nesting boxes placed by DOC. The highest number we found was 53.

IMG_1718Say cheese. An uncanny face washed away by the weather.

IMG_1719This schooner has been purchased by a group of guys to do up and sail to Samoa. It’s port of registration is Port Vila.

IMG_1726Yer right, if the hat is missing he’s gone fishing.

IMG_1734Rocky terrain around here with secret hidey holes everywhere.

IMG_1730The rock formations around here must be volcanic from centuries ago.

IMG_1731A natural formation made bigger by man for vehicles to pass through.

IMG_1735Rocky moon scape perhaps?

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