Sunday, 16 April 2017

On to Westport!

IMG_1578This type of road rail bridge are gradually becoming a thing of the past as new road bridge’s are being built.

IMG_1589Single lane road bridge’s like this one north of Punakaikai are still quite common throughout the South Island. This one has been replaced and led to the cave in the following photo.

IMG_1592This cave alongside the Fox River is part of a DOC walk way which unfortunately had suffered flood damage.

IMG_1604The other end of the tunnel where flooding had washed away part of the track.


The bridge in the background is the original road bridge which had a very sharp “S” bend on and off the bridge approach. Thank goodness it has been replaced.

Moving on to Westport  we opted to stay over the Easter break and sit out the holiday traffic on the roads and spend some quality time relaxing.  Firstly taking a trip out to the lighthouse for a little bit of sea fishing. Needless to say we didn't have fish for tea. Easter Monday we wandered into town, a round trip of nearly 6km’s to checkout the shops and have lunch at Subway.

IMG_1612Westport NZMCA camp site is undergoing expansion with the sole tree bearing assorted footwear and the sign “Tree of lost soles” and that is not a mis-spelling.

IMG_1619Plenty of firewood all along Westport’s beach.

IMG_1622Yours truly trying my luck in the Buller River. No such luck.

IMG_1624Westport graffiti.

IMG_1638Part of the walkway from the camp site to the centre of town.

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