Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Ranfurly to Palmerston.

IMG_1310Ranfurly station is now an I site and wayward stop over on the Central Otago rail trail.

IMG_1304The old Ranfurly Post Office now a back packers lodge.

IMG_1306John Turnbull Thomson who surveyed a lot of Central Otago and went on to become NZ’s Surveyor General.

IMG_1309Wall mural in on the side of the Four Square Store in Ranfurly.

IMG_1316Ranfurly Hospital which was started in the 1920’s with fund raising by John Fenton and George Devenny. The hospital was destined for Naseby but Ranfurly was deemed more central for the Maniatoto district. John Fenton was also instrumental in setting up the town library.

Ranfurly station has a historic display of the railway line from Dunedin to Clyde  part of which is now the Central Otago Rail Trail for cyclists. The pictures above and below are of the railways hay day.

IMG_1320The old original station.

IMG_1321Speed kills. This is what happened when the driver took a bend too fast at Hyde, June 1943, killing 21 people. Up until then this was New Zealand’s worst rail disaster.

IMG_1322Wooden bodied carriages were just destroyed whereas later version metal body carriages faired better.

IMG_1323What a mess, Suspected as driver error.

IMG_1324Memorial to those killed in the Hyde rail disaster.

IMG_1327The track side of Ranfurly Station today.

IMG_1330Another lovely mural about rail travel on a wall in Ranfurly.

IMG_1333Ranfurly NZMCA camp.


Bowker’s Bridge.  The McCormick’s Creek Bridge is the last of the original stone bridges still to be seen on the old coach road to Central Otago. Replaced by the new Highway 85 bridge in 1962.

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